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What We Do

“What We Do” and how PetPackers can help.

How It Works

“How It Works” and what to expect when you choose PetPackers.

Where We Fly

“Where We Fly” for you and your Pet.

Carrier Information

“Carrier Information” choosing the right one.

Travel Safely

Hand Delivery

Our Pet Nanny flies with your Pet on the airplane and escorts them from their origin to their destination, and Hand Delivers the Pet to you at the airport….

No Cargo

No Cargo for pets at PetPackers. Your Pet is seated with their Pet Nanny on the airplane and never leaves their side, being cared for all the way home ….

No Health Certificate

Breeders be advised we do NOT need a Health Certificate within the United States to take your pets to their new home ….

Same Day Transports

Most transports are completed the same day within a few hours. PetPackers can also do transports within a day or two of scheduling….

Pampered Pets

For every pet that is in our care longer than 12 hours, we treat them as our family member, providing food, playtime, socializing and a bath before their travels ….

Ground Transports

For larger pets that cannot be flown on the airplane with Pet Nanny, we will soon be offering ground transports in select areas….


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