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Meet Our Founder 

PetPackers was created in 2012 by our founder Kennedy Kelly. The concept was inspired after Kennedy purchased her first mastiff puppy and needed to get him from South Africa to the United States. The intent was to design a way for those purchasing pets from all over the world, relocating or re-homing them, to have the option to receive them safely and quickly without using airline cargo services. Kennedy’s prior background as a Rottweiler breeder for many years coupled with her extensive travel resume ensures her expertise with transporting pets. Kennedy’s love for large breed dogs and her tenacity to solve complex problems made it a no-brainer to choose specializing in air travel transportation of Snubnosed breeds who are restricted from flying in most domestic airlines cargo as of October of 2016. 

Pet travel has grown significantly and after much research and consumer feedback it was noted that this type of customized personal service was desired. PetPackers is devoted to it’s networking team of breeders, consumers, shelters, brokers, vendors, animal organizations and employees who support and recognize our efforts to provide the best possible services for our extended family of pets.

PetPackers brings world-class capabilities and high-quality service to our clients. We deliver the insights our clients need to address their most complex pet travel challenges. PetPackers provides advisory services to the public and private clients spanning the globe. We are professionals who are commited to becoming the standard of excellence in our industry. Our every attempt is to give our clients “A Peace of Mind”.

While the perfect solution may not always exist, we are increasingly looking to find solutions that can be taken to improve the status quo and set the stage for additional progress.


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