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We Offer Additional Services To Meet Our Clients Customized Needs

Car Service

Although our services are Airport to Airport, in some major cities we offer Car Service in addition to the transport service. This simply means that we would rent a car from the airport and drive your pet to a chosen location. Keep in mind this service is additional, and fees are calculated on a per transport basis. We will use Uber or Lyft in cities where available if it is more economical.


We offer boarding service for pets in transit longer than the typical overnight stay. Boarding your pet will take place at one of our base facilities we have throughout the United States. Your pet will have its own clean and sanitized area that will include bed, toys, blankets and crate if necessary. Your pet will be fed, exercised and socialize with humans (unless instructed otherwise). Pets will not be mixed with other pets while boarded unless from the same litter.

  • $10/day for pets 1 – 4 lb.
  • $15/day for pets 5 – 9 lb.
  • $20/day for pets 10 – 17 lb.
  • $25/day for pets 18 – 25 lb.
  • $30/day for pets 26 – 35 lb.

Spa Bath

There is nothing like having a clean pet on arrival. We offer a luxurious Spa Bath that comes complete with a smell good package. Your pet’s coat will be shampooed and conditioned with a Shea Butter moisturizer coupled with a long lasting fresh fragrance.

  • $18 for pets 1 – 10 lb.
  • $25 for pets 11 – 20 lb.
  • $32 for pets 21 – 26 lb.
  • $40 for pets 27 – 35 lb.



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