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  • Ideally pet(s) should be less than 20 lb. 
    • pets exceeding 20 lb. can be approved however additional fees apply (please call to have larger pets approved)
    • larger pets will not be placed in a carrier, but must wear harness and leash for transport 
  • Only soft sided carriers are permitted and must not exceed 18L x 12H x 12W
  • No plastic kennels or metal crates allowed

Options for Selecting a Carrier

  1. You may provide your own carrier. Your carrier must meet the requirements above and be pre approved by a staff member prior to the start of your pet’s transport. Sending a picture of the carrier (we may also ask for the measurements of the carrier if we are unfamiliar with your choice) via email or text would be advisable.
  2. You may use our Carrier Service (means you are renting our carrier) for $55/transport ($100/transport for 2 pets traveling together) within the United States for pets 20 lb. and under. Carrier Service for pets overweight within the United States is $75/transport and International is $275/transport. Use of our Carrier Service means we will provide a clean, sanitized carrier for your transport which includes pee pads, wipes, a toy and blanket. The carrier remains with the pet nanny at the end of transport.
  3. You may purchase a carrier from us that will be brand new and yours to keep at the end of transport. Carriers purchased from us will also include pee pads, wipes, a toy and blanket.
    1. Small           $65
    2. Medium      $75
    3. Large           $90
    4. X-Large      $125

Approved Carriers

Non-Approved Carriers

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