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PetPackers is a Professional Flying Pet Nanny Transporting Service. Our Pet Nannies fly via commercial airlines to the closest major airport to pick up the Pet (typically from a Breeder), and fly with the Pet in-cabin of the airplane throughout their journey hand-in-hand to their final destination, and deliver to you (usually the client buying the Pet). For this mode of travel pets must be less than 22 lb. (depending on breed specifications, we may be able to take larger pets or may have to limit weight), and must fit inside a soft-sided carrier (no plastic kennels or metal crates allowed). No health certificate is needed for this mode of transportation within the United States except Hawaii. No minimum age requirement within the United States. International transports available, however restrictions apply.


Pet Nanny will pickup pet from Breeder or Shipper at the closest major airport and place pet in a soft-sided carrier.


Pet Nanny will take pet out of soft-sided pet carrier when Pet Nanny reaches the TSA screening area.


Pet Nanny will carry the pet while walking through the metal detector at the airport.


Pet Carrier and contents inside (excluding pet) will be placed on the conveyor belt and screened by TSA security. After screening pet will be placed back inside of soft-sided carrier.


Pet is seated in-cabin with the Pet Nanny on the airplane, and will not leave their side until the destination is reached and pet is united with owner.


Pet Nanny will hand deliver the pet to the owner in the baggage claim area of the destination airport.

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