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To schedule a transport, you must first “Request A Quote” by clicking on the button below, filling in the form and submitting it.

For a quicker response text (225) 255-1311 or email us at the following information:

  • Name:
  • Email Address:
  • Cell Phone Number: (quote will be sent here if requested from here)
  • Type of Pet or Specific Breed of Pet?
  • Weight of Pet(s) at time of transport? (total combined, pets must be traveling in same carrier)
  • How many Pet(s)? (for pets not traveling together submit separate request for each)
  • Origin Airport: (name of airport or city and state)
  • Destination Airport: (name of airport or city and state)
  • Please indicate both parties desired date of transport: (this is only for quote purposes, if you desire to schedule the transport you will be given the option to change or choose any date available at that time).

After we receive this information, we will send out a quote usually within 24 hours of receiving your request. All quotes are non-obligatory and do not require any payment. Once you receive the quote you may respond to the quote with a “Yes” if you would like to move further in scheduling the transport. 

NOTICE: WE DO NOT REQUIRE FULL PAYMENT UPFRONT AND ALL PAYMENTS RECEIVED FROM PETPACKERS ARE CONFIRMED DURING THE SCHEDULING PROCESS. You will not be asked for payment unless you have agreed to schedule a transport as explained above and sent a contract to transport/agreement from us (via email from or detailing cost, terms and conditions, refund policy, instructions on how to make your initial deposit as well as what you can expect next and administrative support information and phone numbers. We have been alerted that some Scammers are attempting to use the name association of PetPackers so please be aware that we always spell our name correctly “PetPackers” one word no spaces and we only use the above email addresses for company correspondence.

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